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  • Bouchées Saveurs Shooter with Red Bell Peppers, Chives and Pink Peppercorns
  • Vegetable, Damafro Goat Cheese and Black Olive Terrine

... Other recipes for your first courses:

picto Green bean, beet and fennel Italian Feta'Salad with raspberry dressing
picto Cool Summer Smoked Salmon Verrine, with Mandarin Oranges and Provençale Feta'Salad
picto Damafro Double Cheese and Pesto Breakfast Muffins (video)
picto Super Rösti with Damafro Cabrie Le Rebelle (video)
picto Damafro Le Trappeur Baked Endives au Gratin with Ham, Pecans, and Raisins (video)
picto Damafro St-Paulin, Leek and Apple Bundles (video)
picto Damafro Buchette Corn Chip Bites with Duck Confit & Pesto (video)
picto Ham, Pancetta and Chèvre des Alpes Rolls with Caramelized Apples (video)
picto Baked Le P'tit Connaisseur Brie, Prosciutto & Dried Tomato on Puff Pastry (video)
picto Creamy Chicken Vol-au-vent à la Damafro (video)
picto Damafro Cheese Topped French Onion Soup with a dash of Port (video)
picto Chicken Breasts in Creamy Garlic and Fine herbs Damafro Sauce (video)
picto The Quick and Easy Croque-Monsieur by Damafro (video)
picto Leek & Damafro Raclette Quiche (video)
picto Damafro's Au Gratin Sheppard's Pie with Garlic and Fine herbs Crémeux (video)
picto Strawberry & Basil Coeur de Brie Croissants (video)
picto Coeur de Brie Damafro Super Dog The King Hot Dogs (video)
picto Mme Clément Prosciutto Rolls (video)
picto P'tit Saint-Damase and Bacon Scalloped Potatoes (video)
picto Tomato & chive pesto flavored Ricotta cheese puffs (pdf)
picto Prosciutto rolls with Cranberry and Maple Sirup Chèvre des Alpes (pdf)
picto Madame Clément Camembert Apple Tarts (pdf)
picto Artichoke bottoms with wild rice and Le Biquet filling (pdf)
picto Beet Carpaccio with Chèvre &lite filling (pdf)
picto Dama 12 and Smoked Salmon Verrine (pdf)
picto Le Trappeur Triple Crème Brie Turnover (pdf)
picto Grapefruit and Bûchette l'Originale salad with pickled ginger and fresh young greens (pdf)
picto Clam and Shrimp Le Crémeux cheese bites (pdf)
picto Damablanc coleslaw with crabmeat (pdf)

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