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cheese Chèvre des Alpes

Le Chèvre des Alpes

The Chèvre des Alpes is the fresh goat cheese that sells the most in Québec. Its delightful freshness, melt-in-the-mouth texture and spreadability explain why it is such a favorite!

5 flavors : Plain, Fine Herbs, Pepper, Red Pepper & Garlic, and Cranberries & Maple Syrup

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      le Chèvre des Alpes

Damafro Double Cheese and Pesto Breakfast Muffins
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Damafro 3-cheese and Chicken Spaghetti (Only for members)


Prosciutto rolls with cranberry and maple syrup Chèvre des Alpes


Chèvre des Alpes and cucumber rolls

Asparagus & smoked salmon bouquet with Chèvre des Alpes vinaigrette


Chèvre des Alpes strawberry pie

Chocolate and cranberry Chèvre des Alpes truffles
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